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Traditional Undergraduate

  • Daytime, Traditional
  • Ann Arbor
  • Freshmen, Transfer, Re-admit

Select this option if you are looking for Daytime Traditional Undergraduate Programs in Ann Arbor. This option would be for all Freshmen, Transfers, and Re-admit students.

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Adult Accelerated Undergraduate

  • Evening, Post-Traditional
  • Virtual, Online
  • Adult Learner

Select this option if you are looking for Evening/Virtual and Online Accelerated Undergraduate Programs. Programs include Social Work, Business Management, Human Resource Management, Healthcare Management, in addition to others.

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  • Masters, Doctorate
  • Ann Arbor, Online
  • Post-Graduate

Select this option if you are looking for Graduate programs in Ann Arbor, or online!

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Dual Enrollment

  • Pre-College
  • In-Person, Online
  • High School Students

Select this option if you are a high school student looking to take college classes for both high school and college credits.

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  • Certificate, Individual Courses
  • Ann Arbor, Online
  • Undergraduate, Graduate

Select this option if you are looking for Undergraduate or Graduate Certificate Programs, Dual Credit Courses, or Individual Courses in Ann Arbor or online!

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Continuing Ed

  • Non-Credit Classes
  • In-Person, Virtual, Online
  • CEUs, Badges, Workshops

Select this option to explore and register for Concordia’s continuing ed offerings. These courses provide personal and professional development opportunities for the lifelong learner.

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